Plasma Cutting Machine Safety Precautions And Maintenance

Comifo as a professional plasma cutting machine suppliers will provide you some knowledge about the Plasma cutting machine safety precautions and maintenance.

1, boot, make sure the emergency button is raised (to the right). Emergency stop button in the pressed state boot, the machine can not be normal movement.
2, cutting machine work, the operator must always pay attention to the cutting machine work, do not leave the work process. In case of emergency, you can pause cutting or press the emergency stop button.
3, placed to be cut plate, to ensure that the plate placed within the effective range of CNC cutting machine; but also to avoid cutting the process of cutting the gun outside the case of iron occurred.
If not sure, run it short before cutting (or use contouring functions: Auto / Auxiliary / Profile).
4, when the arc nozzle is too high from the iron plate or torch without iron test arc, it is easy to cause torch damage.
5, before going to work every day to wipe the dust on the rails, can not erase the grease, scrub with thinner, and then dip with a clean lubricant (oil, do not use butter) cloth can be rubbed again.
6, every day before cutting work, the first pump and filter water to drain. After the gas supply to the plasma power supply is disconnected, the water in the rear oil-water separator will flow out automatically.
7, clean the rack once a week, too much grease, you can brush dipped in thinner scrub, and then dip with more clean lubricating oil (oil, do not use butter) cloth again rack.
8, cutting process, do not look directly at the plasma arc naked, work wear sunglasses.
9, the work site should be equipped with supporting ventilation ducts, table surface is not to be cut steel position should be covered, if there is still smoke and dust, staff should wear masks.
10, pay attention to the numerical control system to protect the LCD screen, to avoid damage caused by external impact.
11, overhaul, be sure to cut off the power to prevent electric shock or damage to the cutting machine.
Plasma Cutting Machine

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