Precautions and Efficiency Improvement of Duct Production Line

Ⅰ. Precautions for duct production line processing and blanking

The cutting of the duct production line is a very test of the proficiency of the workers in the use of the equipment, and everyone is not allowed to be sloppy. If you are not careful during the cutting process, it will cause waste of materials or damage to the equipment. Today, let's take a look at what problems should be paid attention to in the processing and blanking process of the air duct production line.

1. The thickness of the plate is handled by the dimensioning of ventilation ducts and pipe fittings. The outer dimension of the rectangular air duct is calculated, and the outer diameter of the circular air duct is calculated. The thickness of thin steel plate, galvanized steel plate or aluminum plate, stainless steel plate used in ventilation ducts is generally in the range of 0.5-2 mm. It has little effect on size after unfolding, so it can be ignored when unfolding the sample. However, for thick-walled ducts and components with special requirements, when the wall thickness is greater than 2 mm, the influence of the wall thickness must be considered. That is to say, for the unfolding and blanking of circular air ducts, the diameter should be calculated based on the middle diameter (outer diameter minus wall thickness or inner diameter plus wall thickness), and for rectangular air ducts, it is still calculated according to the outer size of the air duct.

2. The key link in blanking is to reserve the margin of the bite and the assembly flange. When unfolding and blanking thin-plate air ducts, pipe fittings and components, it is necessary to consider the connection method of the thin-plate and whether the interfaces of the nozzle, pipe fittings and components are equipped with flanges, so as to leave a certain margin when unfolding and blanking.

Ⅱ. Use proper configure equipment to improve the efficiency of duct production line

TDF technology is the main factor to improve the production efficiency of duct production line. TDF technology is suitable for large-scale factory production. It is a new air duct technology for high-efficiency air duct production and installation. This technology is suitable for air supply and exhaust systems in medium, low pressure and air conditioning projects, and has more obvious advantages in the production and installation of ventilation ducts in large-area civil buildings.

Reasonably configure equipment, adjust processing pace, and increase output. Mainly is the rational configuration of TDF air duct automatic equipment and manual equipment. TDF air duct automatic equipment includes duct production line, common plate type flange making machine, multi-function bite machine, bite sewing machine and punching machine.

Different functions of each equipment complete different processes to form a complete automatic production line, which is configured with the necessary human operation process through manual shearing machine, manual dismantling machine and manual rounding machine.

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