Precautions for Duct Production Line

The duct production line has the entire technological process, which is completed by an independent machine. The normal operation of the duct production line is inseparable from the correct maintenance measures, so as to ensure the normal and long-term effective production of our products. Next, COMIFO will take you to learn how to maintain it.

1. The size deviation of the duct production line hood is not more than 2mm per meter, the shape is regular, and the center of gravity of the rotating hood is balanced. The fire damper must be closed tightly, the rotating parts must be made of corrosion-resistant materials, and the thickness of the shell and valve plate materials must not be less than 2mm.

2. The production of various types of air valves on the duct production line should have opening and closing marks, the multi-leaf valve blades are fitted together, the overlap is consistent, the wheelbase deviation is not greater than 1mm, and the valve plate and handle are in the same direction. The flexible pipe should be moderately tight, the length should meet the design requirements and construction specifications, and there should be no cracking or distortion.

3. The material used for the flexible pipe of the duct production line cleaning system must not produce dust, be airtight, and have a smooth inner wall. The connection between the flexible pipe and the air duct equipment must be tight and air-tight. The appearance quality of the tuyere should be qualified, the spacing between holes, sheets, and diffusion rings should be consistent, the frame and blades should be straight and neat, and the appearance should be smooth and beautiful.

4. In sites with many cross-operations on the duct production line, it is strictly forbidden to use the installed air ducts as supports and brackets, and other supports and hangers are not allowed to be welded or hung on the air duct flanges and air duct supports and hangers; When the air duct passes through the settlement joint, a casing shall be added according to the design requirements, and the gap between the casing and the air duct shall be tightly sealed with packing (soft material).

5. The air duct installed on the duct production line should ensure that the surface of the air duct is smooth and clean, and the outdoor air duct should be protected from rain and snow. The air duct lifted to the bracket should be installed in time and should not be left for too long. Do not open the holes that are not installed temporarily. When the construction is suspended, cover plates should be added to prevent the accident of falling people and objects.

6. When transporting and installing valve parts on the duct production line, the deformation of the actuator and blade due to collision should be avoided. There should be rain and snow protection measures for open-air stacking; When the air duct extends into the structural air duct, the end of the air duct should be installed with steel mesh to prevent debris from entering the metal air duct when the system is running. The gap between the metal air duct and the structural air duct should be tightly sealed.

With its advanced technology, COMIFO has grown into a company that designs, manufactures and sells duct machines, duct making machines to customers all over the world. We get reputation and valuable improvement suggestions from it to adapt to the world verification technology. This is the so-called innovation, a spirit of sustainable development of the enterprise, which has left a deep impression on the machinery industry. Welcome to consult us.

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