Precautions for Oiling the Spiral Ductwork Machine and Its Applications

A spiral ductwork machine is a machine that manufactures spiral ducts. Also named as a thin-walled pipe with spiral seams, the spiral duct is originally applied in the West for military industry to a warship and air exhaust (supply) system for ferries. Later, it is applied to such civilian facilities as train, subway, and mining machinery.

Many people are not familiar with a spiral duct. In fact, the spiral duct making machine has a wide range of uses. For details, the spiral duct can be applied to the purification system, central air conditioning system, ventilation system, and eco-friendly system. It can also be used as an air supply and return duct, exhaust duct, mine gas duct, and mine duct tape. It is classified as a duct because it was originally designed for ventilation and cooling.

Ⅰ. What are the precautions for oiling the spiral ductwork machine?

1. Check and calibrate the pressure gauge every half a year;

2. Clean and apply slushing oil to the surface of the spiral ductwork machine before stopping using it for a prolonged period;

3. No.46 anti-wear hydraulic oil is recommended for operating the spiral ductwork machine with the oil temperature controlled between 15 and 60 degrees Celsius;

4. Apply lubricant to the slider frequently, clean the surface of the column frequently, and inject oil before every operation;

5. Change the operation oil once a year, with the delay period at most three months.

Ⅱ. Where can the spiral ductwork machine be applied to?

Apart from the function implied by its name, the spiral duct can also be used for water drainage or even as a container. Therefore, it's improper to name it an air duct and better to rename it as a thin-walled duct with spiral seams. Given it's mainly made of metal, it's thus called a mental duct with spiral seams.

From the perspective of materials, the spiral ductwork machine can be divided into three types: spiral galvanized (iron-plated) duct making machine, spiral stainless-steel duct making machine, and spiral aluminum screw duct making machine. Or, to distinguish it from the stainless-steel duct, the spiral ductwork machine can also be called a super thin stainless-steel duct because it is made of 0.3 millimeters or thinner stainless steel.

With a fixed pressure drop and the same installation space, the circular duct with a diameter of 200 mm can be replaced with a 250 * 150 mm rectangle duct. If there were no extra installation space, several parallel circular ducts can be a substitute for the flat rectangle duct.

Taking all situations into consideration, a circular duct needs smaller space than a rectangle duct does in most circumstances. When the pressure is the same, the installation space of several circular ducts tends to be the same as or smaller than that of rectangle duct. The additional space in the case of lots of rectangle duct systems is due to the installation of four bolting system, which adds 40-80 mm length to every direction of the duct.

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