Precautions for Production of Ventilation Duct Machine

Ventilation duct machine does not work independently, it exists and operates as a whole production line system. The entire process from coiling and unloading to air duct forming is completed by machine processing equipment. Ventilation duct machine is indispensable for the completion of any part.

On the construction site, using the cutting equipment, you can choose the second line of COMIFO mechanical air duct production, and the third line of air duct production to level the plate, bead, incision, and shear. After that, the prepared sheet is processed by COMIFO machine bite machine, common plate flange machine, hemming machine and seaming machine. After completion, install the corner code to hoist. In the course of operation, all operations should be completed in accordance with the instructions and the following matters should be noted.

1. Before working, you need to check whether the data and system of each part of the equipment are intact and take the machine test. It is strictly forbidden to overload. The ventilation duct machine must be operated by a special person to cooperate with each other.

2. The operation of the ventilation duct machine must be completed by professional technicians. Other unrelated persons are strictly prohibited from approaching while working on the ventilation duct machine.

3. Material selection. In the design, manufacture and maintenance, the materials must be selected correctly according to the nature and characteristics of the parts. The materials of the ventilation duct machine are strictly prohibited to use products that are worn, corroded, excessively deformed, fatigued, cracked or aged.

4. Assembly quality issues. Among these conditions, it is required to maintain a reasonable initial gap. If the initial gap is too large, the effective life will be shortened; in addition, the mutual positional accuracy of the components in the assembly is also very important. Failure to meet the requirements will cause additional stress, partial wear and other consequences.

5. Proper repair and maintenance. According to the principles of reasonable technology, economical cost and possible production, reasonable maintenance is carried out to ensure the quality of maintenance. It is necessary to reasonably select and use the repair process, pay attention to the preparation before repairing, perform operations according to the regulations during the repair process, and handle the work after repairing.

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