Problems That May Arise In The Production Of Air Duct Production Line

Ventilation ducts are the primary component of ventilation and air conditioning systems, most of which are made from duct production lines. However, because of all sorts of elements, the ducts that may lead to the processing of air duct production lines are in doubt.
1, processing materials did not meet the standard
(1) Reflect: uneven surface, uneven thickness, significant indentation, cracks, blisters, scarring and corrosion and other conditions; duct surface sinking, the surrounding convex outward, significant deformation.
(2) Impact: Leakage of air duct during operation and air-conditioning load will be added, while the number of wind life and function will be affected.
(3) elements: material failure, can not meet the needs of manufacturing duct.
(4) approach: the use of air duct processing equipment manufacturing duct, we must first check the information of the factory certificate of conformity and the quality of the material to confirm the appearance of thickness, etc., to ensure that the material is available.
2, Duct production line Duct angle and elbow point of view banned
(1) Reflects: Rectangular duct two opposite planes, the two ends are not parallel; Angular non-straight; Diagonal is not equal; Launch lax.
(2) Impact: It will make the air duct joint uneven force, the hvac duct machine's air duct behind the equipment is not straight, the gasket of the flange is not close, the system leaks air, thus the air conditioning load is lost and the service life is shortened.
(3) elements: the banned lofting ban accurate; duct parallel to each other, the opposite side of the sheet length and width are not equal.
(4) approach: open the blanking, the sheet should deal with serious angle, the length of each piece of sheet material, the width and diagonal inspection, so that their fault control within the allowable range; unloading plate, Two opposite sides of the duct shall be overlapped to check the standard accuracy.
Therefore, in order to produce a durable and high-quality air duct, it is necessary to make adequate preparations in advance and before and after operation of the air duct production line, ensuring full assurance.
air duct production line

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