Production and Processing of Elbow Making Machine

1. In the production and processing process of the elbow making machine, the automatic induction heating elbow making machine is used. Under the promotion of the intermediate frequency power supply reducing hydraulic cylinder, the elbow is produced and processed, and the elbow making machine is equipped with automatic feeding.

According to the selected setting parameters, the elbow making machine can automatically launch the elbow with the angle required by the customer under the push of the hydraulic cylinder. Another advantage of the elbow making machine is that it can promote the custom-made elbow at one time.

2. The elbow making machine is divided into the intermediate frequency elbow making machine and the cold push elbow making machine. elbow making machine series hot push elbow external arc tensile plastic deformation, room temperature, high temperature yield strength and tensile strength, plasticity, recovery and toughness are significantly reduced. Therefore, a more reasonable production process should be formulated, the expansion ratio of the elbow should be strictly controlled, and the tensile plastic deformation of the outer arc of the elbow should be reduced to obtain comprehensive mechanical properties.

3. The thickness of the inner arc wall of the elbow is not thickened by the elbow making machine, and the inner arc is just the high stress area of the elbow. In order to ensure that the thickness of the inner arc wall of the elbow meets the product standard requirements, a tube blank with an appropriately thickened wall thickness should be selected.

4. During the process of axial bending deformation and radial expansion, special attention should be paid to checking whether there are cracks, microcracks and intergranular cracks on the inner and outer walls of the elbow; according to the theory that the wall thickness of the hot push elbow is not reduced, Combined with the process characteristics and difficulties of small and medium-sized stainless steel seamless elbows, by designing a suitable hollow core mold, the inner wall of the core mold is kept in a lower temperature area, which solves the problem of thermal strength of the forming core mold during the medium frequency induction heating process.

5. The elbow making machine wears custom-made molds to produce and process custom-made elbow fittings. The elbow part and the bed part are designed with steel bars, and the internal stress is relieved by annealing treatment. Overall stiffness is light enough to prevent deformation. When assembling the drive spindle, it is directly inserted into the upper part of the machine head for accurate installation and convenient maintenance.

Elbow spindle and transmission sprocket are integrally forged, integrally machined, integrally hobbed, subjected to uniform force, driven by double cylinders, and quickly reset. During the return process, the throttling buffer is close to the starting point, which greatly improves the reset accuracy and work efficiency. The elbow making machine has automatic feeding, cylinder, mandrel, mandrel and so on.

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