Production of Elbow Making Machine

Before working, the elbow machine needs to check whether the electrical switch and travel limit switch are safe and reliable, the operation is flexible, and the safety protection device is safe and reliable. Check that the hydraulic oil on the side of the elbow machine has reached the red line. Check whether the pressure regulating valve on the oil pressure circuit of the elbow is unloaded, and the stopper must touch the rear limit. Confirm whether the content in the working manual of the elbow machine is consistent with the work object. Check whether the mold and parts of the elbow machine are normal, and then start working.

1. Several manufacturing methods of elbow machine

Hot push elbow is a process for the production and manufacture of seamless elbows. It adopts elbow pusher, mandrel and heating device. Heating, expanding and bending during operation.

The deformation characteristics of the hot push elbow are determined according to the metal material; plastic deformation, the volume before and after is unchanged; the diameter of the tube blank, the diameter of the tube is smaller than the diameter of the elbow, in the process of heating and deformation of the pipeline, it compensates for the thinning of other parts due to the expansion diameter, To get a uniform wall thickness, this is the manufacturing process of the push elbow.

The elbow introduced by the push machine has a beautiful appearance, uniform wall thickness, and can be continuously manufactured.

Push-bend elbows are mass-produced, so generally the main production process of carbon steel elbows and alloy steel elbows is to choose push manufacturing, and it is also used in the forming of stainless steel elbows of certain specifications. The manufacturing process of stamping elbows is the earliest forming process for mass production of seamless elbows.

In the commonly used elbow specifications, it has been replaced by hot push elbows, but in some specifications, the wall thickness is too thin or too thick due to the small number of production. Products only have special requirements before using the stamping manufacturing process. In the forming process of the stamping elbow, the diameter is the same as that of the produced elbow, and it is directly pressed in the mold using a press.

2. Stamping process of elbow machine

Stamping elbows are divided into cold stamping and hot stamping. The material selection of the stamping elbow is the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process of stamping elbow is not as good as that of pushing elbow, and the quality and appearance are not as good as the former. When the stamping elbow is formed, the outer arc is in a stretched state, and there is no excess metal compensation in other parts, so the wall thickness at the outer arc is about the specified wall thickness. However, due to its suitability for unit manufacturing and low cost, the manufacturing process of stamping elbows is suitable for small batch production of high-pressure thick-wall stamping elbows.

The extrusion elbow adopts a special elbow forming machine to put the tube blank into the mold. After the upper and lower dies are closed, under the push of the push rod, the tube blank moves along the reserved gap between the inner and outer dies to complete the forming process. The elbow manufactured by the cold extrusion process of internal and external molds has beautiful appearance, uniform wall thickness and small size deviation. Therefore, the cold extrusion manufacturing process is suitable for the manufacture of thin-walled stainless steel elbows.

The inner and outer molds used in this process have high precision requirements; there are also strict requirements for the deviation of the wall thickness of the tube blank. The manufacturing process of butt welding elbow generally adopts the butt welding production process, which rolls the steel plate into an elbow shape and then welds it. After welding, take a photo on the elbow. Butt welding elbows are generally used for large diameter elbows.

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