Production Process Standard and Function of Duct Production Line

1. Manufacturing process standard of duct production line

In order to ensure the quality of duct production and production, it is necessary to formulate duct production process standards to improve the quality and efficiency of duct production lines.

The duct production line manufacturer stated that the main requirements for duct production are reflected in the three points of marking, cutting, and blanking review. The following is a detailed introduction to these three requirements.

The dash requirements are embodied in the two-point basic line and the dash expansion method. Basic lines include right angles, parallel lines, vertical bisectors, and more complex angle bisectors, straight lines, and circles. There are three expansion methods: parallel line method, radial line method and triangular line method.

When cutting, the hands are not allowed to be placed in the gap of the mechanical platen, the feet cannot be placed on the pedals when adjusting the sheet, and nothing can be placed on the knife holder. Use proper and even force when using stationary vibrating shears.

Blanking review is a work that must be done when cutting the sheet. In order to avoid mistakes, it is necessary to use mechanical scissors and manual scissors to cut according to the shape of the scribed line.

2. What functions should a complete duct production line have

The production line of a normal duct manufacturer should have all the functions of producing products. For example, a production line in a mobile phone manufacturer must include assembly line, inspection line, packaging line and quality inspection line. From the assembly of one part to the qualification of the product requires different functional groups to complete. Therefore, a complete duct production line should have all the functions of producing air ducts.

The production process of the duct is to prepare the plate first, then send the plate into the equipment, adjust the initial part of the plate, and then complete the production of the installation hole of the air duct. Because the material required for a duct is limited, we also need to automatically cut the material to avoid waste. Then we go to the next process again for processing, which can complete the production of the joint angle, and finally the bending and forming of the air duct.

Therefore, we can know that a complete duct production line should have the following functions: blanking function; pressing function, mainly to adjust the plate; punching, chamfering and other functions to avoid the later punching, which is more convenient; the function of cutting, to separate the sheet from the semi-finished product; the function of transmission, to facilitate entering the next process; the function of bite and forming. This is a complete duct production line.

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