Standard for Judging the Quality of CNC Cutting Machine

The CNC cutting machine is a very complicated thermophysical process, in which the cutting data, flame beam and auxiliary gas interact, and the process changes with temperature field, energy change, thermo-chemical, fluid and other problems. Therefore, there are many factors that affect the cutting quality during the cutting process. Some professional researchers have summarized nearly 50 kinds of influencing factors, including three aspects: processing data characteristics, flame beam characteristics and processing technology. Eliminate these quality influencing factors, and then look at the quality of CNC flame cutting machine. Then, we must judge from the following aspects.

At present, many domestic and foreign scholars who are researching sheet metal CNC cutting machines are quoted as the relevant evaluation indicators in the German DIN2310 specification. In the actual cutting machine processing, several commonly used judgment standards for evaluating the processing quality are:

1. Cutting width. The slit width has a great relationship with the flame beam spot diameter and beam mode. For the CNC flame cutting of metal, the slit width is smaller, and the cutting quality is better.
2. The roughness of the cut surface. There are many parameters of appearance roughness. For the general CNC flame cutting machine, the main choice is the ten-point height Rz of the surface micro-roughness or the arithmetic mean deviation Ra.
3. Thickness of cut slag. The thickness of the dross reflects the quality of the CNC cutting machine intuitively. The purpose of the CNC flame cutting is to obtain a seam without dross.
4. Cut stripes. No matter what kind of auxiliary gas is used, cutting stripes will occur on the surface of the slit. The stripe is thinner and the stripe depth is shallower, the cutting quality is better .
5. The width of the heat affected zone. The width of the heat affected zone is also an important indicator reflecting the cutting quality.
6. Verticality and slope of cut edge. Good cutting quality requires good cutting edge verticality and smooth cutting surface.
7. Flatness.

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