Structural Characteristics and Market Development of Elbow Making Machine

Ⅰ. The structural characteristics of the elbow making machine:

1. The hydraulic cylinder is used as the propulsion element, with strong power, stepless speed change, simple operation, stable and reliable, and auxiliary rods on both sides, which play the role of guiding and positioning, and the precision of the molded product is higher.

2. The supporting hydraulic station adopts a large-volume fuel tank, and the propulsion speed is adjusted by adjusting the flow rate of the control valve. The hydraulic system adopts integrated oil circuit and electromagnetic overflow technology, which greatly reduces the heat and energy consumption of the hydraulic system, thereby optimizing the entire working environment.

3. The intermediate frequency unit adopts analog control and low current start. In order to suppress the high voltage during operation, make the operation more stable, ensure the service life of the heating coil, and improve the utilization rate and insulation performance of the heating coil. The heating coil is currently an advanced elbow making machine.

According to the structure, the elbow making machine can be divided into single-head automatic pipe bending machine, double-head automatic pipe bending machine, vertical automatic pipe bending machine, etc.

It can be divided into hydraulic automatic pipe bender, electric automatic pipe bender, etc.

Among them, hydraulic automatic pipe bending machine is the common name in the industry. The hydraulic automatic pipe bending machine has the advantages of multiple functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient movement, and quick installation. Laying and repairing pipes for power construction, public railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc.

Ⅱ. The market development of elbow making machine

There are many manufacturers specializing in the production and sales of double-head pipe benders in the Chinese domestic market, but in the long-term sales process, the development status of each manufacturer is different. Businesses are doing very well with many manufacturers who offer many different sales services during the sales process. From the perspective of customer purchase, we will find that the role and guarantee of these sales services are still very large.

In fact, different manufacturers have different prices when selling double-ended pipe benders, but people need to pay attention when buying them. If the price offered by the manufacturer is lower and the discount range is larger, you need to understand the quality of the equipment and the follow-up service of the manufacturer. Because these have a lot to do with the normal use in the later period, only by guaranteeing these aspects can we use them with more confidence.

Under normal circumstances, when manufacturers sell double-ended pipe bending machines, they will be equipped with special personnel for docking and service, especially after-sales service. After all, long-term use of the device will inevitably lead to various small problems. In this case, if the manufacturer's service personnel guide the use, the advantages will be more obvious.

Basically, double-ended pipe bender manufacturers provide these two services in their daily operations, which often play a very important role. One of the obvious functions is to acquire more customers for the manufacturer.

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