Teach You How to Choose the CNC Cutting Machine? CNC Flame or Plasma

There are many kinds of CNC cutting machines in the market. Different brands of manufacturers have different types and functions. This requires our users to pay attention to the selection of CNC cutting machines. How do we choose CNC cutting machines?

First of all, we need to know a concept, the accuracy of machine tools. The accuracy of the machine tool is the basis of NC machining equipment. The poor accuracy of the machine tool directly affects the cutting quality of NC cutting machine. On the market, the standard CNC cutting machine, whether it is CNC flame cutting machine or CNC plasma cutting machine, has its factory inspection report, requiring that the accuracy error and cutting accuracy error of machine tools are within the national industry standards.

Generally speaking, the accuracy of CNC plasma cutting machine is higher than that of numerical control flame cutting machine. The reasons are as follows: 1. CNC plasma cutting inevitably brings a certain degree of slope, which requires high accuracy, otherwise, the quality of cutting stock must be problematic. 2. The configuration of a CNC plasma cutting machine is higher than that of the flame cutting machine. The improvement of the overall configuration will also improve its cutting accuracy. 3. Some imported fine plasma power supply has a binding function in the outer ring of plasma arc, which can reduce the perforation error and slit error, thus achieving the effect of improving accuracy.

Secondly, there are great differences between plasma cutting and flame cutting in cutting materials, cutting speed and cutting cost. Plasma can cut carbon steel and non-ferrous metals, while flame can only be used to cut carbon steel. For example, plasma can cut stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metals, but flame can not. On the cutting speed, the plasma speed is faster than the flame (only on the middle and thin plates). For some steel plates with large thickness, the plasma can not replace the flame, which is also the disadvantage of the plasma. In terms of cutting cost, plasma cutting only consumes oxygen and air, most domestic plasma only consumes air, flame-cutting consumes oxygen and gas, so the cutting cost of flame cutting machine is higher.

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