Technical Operation and Troubleshooting of Common Plate Flange Machine Mixer

Ⅰ. Technical operation instruction of common plate flange making machine

The mixing mechanism of ordinary flat flange machine includes shear mixing, convection mixing and diffusion mixing. Due to the different types of mixtures, the properties of powders and operating conditions, the degree of mixing is also different. Commonly used mixing methods in the laboratory are mixing, grinding and mixing.

Mixing uses stirring or container rotation to make materials in production: global and local movements will achieve the purpose of mixing.

Common plate flange machine mixing equipment is generally divided into two categories: fixed and rotating.

Stationary mixing equipment refers to the operating technology of blade-type flanged machine-slot mixers in noise containers.

1. The main towel holder, stirring tank, tank mixer of the system and other components, and the mixing air flow are used for mixing equipment.

2. The main motor of the reducer will drive the blade to rotate, so that the material will continuously enter and exit up and down, left and right, up and down, left and right, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing. The secondary motor light turns the stirring tank on the horizontal axis, making the stirring tank tilt. The mixing time is mainly convective mixing, and the mixing time is longer.

Ⅱ. Troubleshooting of common plate flange machine in daily use

In the daily operation of the ordinary flat flange machine, the probability of failure of the air duct production line is still a little, how to deal with the failure? Today we will briefly introduce this topic, hoping to help users in a simple way. When the ordinary flange machine fails, it is mainly used to detect machinery and mechanical test instruments.

According to the circuit diagram of the common plate flange machine system and the circuit diagram of the machine tool, the fault parts such as voltage, power supply, and pulse signal are detected, and the fault location is detected.

If the power input voltage exceeds the limit, power monitoring can be used to measure the network voltage of the voltmeter, or use a voltage tester for other reasons. If the position control loop of an ordinary steel plate flange machine fails, it can be used to check the signal status of the measuring circuit, or to observe whether the output of the signal is missing and there is no interference.

Flange connection flange card, made of galvanized steel sheet, cut into uniform size after forming, installation and connection flange. The flange is connected with the steel plate of the pipe, it is not necessary to pierce and rive the angle steel flange, with a special flange that is clamped to connect the two parts of the pipe, at the four corners and the flange angle is 90 degrees. The operation is simple, the efficiency is improved, the appearance is smooth and flat, the size is accurate, the interchangeability is strong, and the product quality is stable.

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