The Advantages and Operation Technology of Duct Production Line

1. Advantages of duct production line

We all know that the production and processing of air ducts need to be realized by air duct processing equipment. Now the widely used one is the duct production line, which is an integrated and systematic production of air duct equipment, mainly including common plate flange machine, shearing machine, folding machine, and so on.

The duct production line adopts numerical control and optical fiber information transmission technology, which can produce different types of air ducts. In addition to common air-conditioning air ducts and galvanized air ducts, it can also produce various special-shaped air duct components such as elbows, tees, and s-bends.

The duct production line has a high degree of automation, which greatly improves the efficiency and precision of air duct production, and reduces production costs and time. At the same time, the common plate flange air duct is made into a flange to reduce the weight and material loss of the air duct.

The common plate flange air duct automatically presses the ribs, with high strength, beautiful appearance, and good sealing performance. To meet the needs of modern engineering and improve the competitive advantage of installation units, it has a place in all walks of life.

2. Technical analysis of duct production line operation

The duct production line is equipped with feeding rollers, leveling and beading machines, corner punching and square punching machines, etc. and other accessories such as trays. In order to produce high-quality air ducts, the key is to master the technical points of operation of professional air duct equipment. The following are the details.

The pressure rib is one of the key technical points in the production of air ducts. It mainly adopts the five-line parallel method to form five-line arcs and angles, so that the formed plate greatly increases the rigidity of the steel. The straightening work is done by a leveling device. The lower roller of the leveling bead press is fixed, and the upper roller uses other tools to rotate the screw to adjust the gap between the two.

The feeding method of the duct production line is based on a mechanical platform, and the limit block is adjusted in a free-moving way. In this state, the feeding is not only stable and reliable, but also more accurate. The way of cutting and cutting the air duct is to control the operation through the control system according to the actual requirements of the air duct.

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