The Application and Function Analysis of Spiral Duct Machine

Ⅰ. The spiral duct machine has a wide range of use

Spiral duct machine is the production of spiral duct machine. Spiral duct, also known as spiral seam thin wall pipe, was first applied to the military industry of western countries such as naval ships, ships exhaust (send) wind system, and later used in trains, subways, mines and other civil facilities. By 2000, according to statistics, spiral ducts had reached 95.6 percent in the application of office buildings, shopping malls and subways in the United States, and 72.5 percent in central air conditioning in civil residential buildings.

Air supply includes ventilation such as fresh air and exhaust; while this range is very wide such as factory workshop and production site air. We do not only discharge harmful gases outdoors, but also transport outdoor air to indoor. At this time, it is necessary to use large flow and small pressure air transport pipe. The spiral duct is an appropriate choice. It generally use galvanized iron pipe with corrosive quality. Whereas, the stainless steel pipe is applied in the especial wet places.

Ⅱ. The increasing role of spiral duct machine 

Improper use of spiral wind pipe machine is indeed prone to equipment damage, such as its metal will be easy to chemical reactions in a variety of environments and is easy to rust, etc. Zinc is an important part of the spiral duct machine. In the dry air, it will not any change, while in the argon gas it can produce a dense layer of thin film. Therefore, a thin layer of zinc on top of the pipe provides excellent protection. This layer of zinc can be passivated, stained and coated to improve the protective and decorative effect of the equipment.

The role of spiral duct machine is becoming more and more important. In our life, its existence has solved the problem for many enterprises. We meet such a state, and the protection of spiral duct machine is also a very important part of our daily choice.

Now there are more and more enterprises producing spiral duct machine equipment, which is bound to be the charm of industry. Besides, the industry can also provide more and more guarantee for everyone. Of course, the choice of spiral duct machine must be suitable for yourself, so as to achieve better results that can be achieved by the equipment.

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