The Basic Operation Of The Pittsburgh Lock Former

1, Before the pittsburgh lock former boot, our staff need to check whether the connection of the pittsburgh lock former ground wire is good and the lubrication between the gears is good. If there is insufficient lubrication, the staff need to add the pittsburgh lock former in the right way Lubricant; Inspect reel drum wheel for any remaining material, etc. If remaining material is found, remove residual material in the correct direction of reel pulley.
2, Pittsburgh lock former in the boot should be processed before the material should be cleaned quickly, there should be no hard objects, such as sand, which will cause the reel reel wheel reel injury.
3, After the boot, the staff should be based on the material and waste discharged in the rolling part of each 20-30 minutes to add a reel bone lubricant lubricants.
4, After the processing is completed, it should promptly close the pittsburgh lock former, cut off the power, clean up the scene.
5, During the operation, foreign body into the pittsburgh lock former, it should immediately stop the pittsburgh lock former work, inspection and maintenance.
6. It is forbidden to touch the wheel of pittsburgh lock former by hands and limbs. Even in the non-working state, non-professional workers are not allowed to touch. In the course of work, it is necessary to operate, it should be hand-delivered material to the end, fingers should be science Leave the machine.
7, Material rolling process, not allowed to open phase reversal, otherwise it will damage the machine and engine, if there is material in the middle of the pittsburgh lock former stuck, it should immediately shut down, cut off the power, disassemble the row of pittsburgh lock former combination Rack inspection, remove the material.
8, Homework, unusual circumstances should be found immediately shut down to check the situation, because the design of the pittsburgh lock former can withstand a certain workload, but this will have a tremendous damage to the machine, so shall not allow sickle reel operation.
9, Pittsburgh lock former after use, it should promptly cut off the power, clean up the material inside the machine residual material, lock the electric gate, and do a good job of routine maintenance work.

Pittsburgh Lock Former

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