The Common Role, Production Difficulties, Quality Identification of Duct Production Line

Ⅰ. The common role of the duct production line in life

1. Power scrubbing. Brushing the dirt with pneumatic or electric brushes, and then the dirt is sucked into the vacuum collector in the same way and direction as the gas flush. This method requires as much care as possible to not damage the surface of the insulation material.

2. Gas flushing. This method uses a hose with a nozzle connected to the air duct to deliver compressed air. The designed nozzles can make the compressed air drive out the dust and dirt. And the dirt and dust dried by compressed air are transported to the vacuum collection container along the air duct.

3. Vacuum suction dirt. It is operated with a vacuum suction pipe which is similar to the one with a handgrip. The brush is used to directly touch the inner wall of the duct and the dirt. This method requires a large access hole for the duct so that the operator can reach as far as possible. But this method may miss some of the dust and dirt because the duct can not form a complete negative pressure condition.

Ⅱ. Difficulties of the duct production line

By using the undercutting tooling, punching die, and assembly tooling, the entire flange production process is highly mechanized. Punching die can punch side square and round angle steel flange; the same specification flange has strong interchangeability and is easy to install on-site, thus it can reduce the labor intensity of workers, production efficiency, finished product quality. So it is suitable for production in the factory.

The punched holes are flat round holes. The error distance between the two holes is controlled within ±0.5mm, the error of the transverse direction is controlled within ±0.5mm, and the error of the longitudinal hole distance is controlled within ±1mm.

Ⅲ. The quality identification of duct production line

Get a clear picture of the duct production line manufacturer. Automatic production lines are more expensive, often hundreds of thousands of dollars, so we must send someone to the factory site to visit before we buy, then we will make a decision. We prioritize standard production manufacturers with full equipment, large scale.

Examine the process equipment flow of duct production line manufacturers. The factory with advanced equipment technology can produce high-quality, high-precision air ducts. Thus we prioritize manufacturers with strong R & D technology and deep manufacturing experience.

Check the authority recognition of the duct production line manufacturers. Whether the manufacturers have been certified by ISO9001 and other relevant authorities, and then the manufacturers have their products with high quality.

Check the sales of duct production line manufacturers. A good product reputation is naturally good. People who have bought and used said well. This is one of the bases for judgment.

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