The Failure Of Flange Forming Machine Should Be Found In Time

Board were in the process of running failure is very common, the cause of this is very much also, have a plenty of hardware, hardware aging, it is possible that the flange forming machine system failed.
For a hardware problem, we can quickly clear judgment and change in time, but the system is difficult to deal with the problems, the best way is to adopt the conventional electrical testing instrument to deal with.
When board total electrical failure, is the most commonly used conventional flange mechanical and electrical instrumentation tools, according to the flange machine system circuit diagram and the circuit diagram of the fault of machine parts of voltage, power supply, the pulse signal of the measured determine the cause of the fault is located.
If the input voltage of the power supply exceeds the limit, it will cause the power monitoring to check the network voltage of the voltmeter or the real-time monitoring of the voltage tester to eliminate other causes.
If the location of a flange forming machine is used to control the broken fault, the signal state of the measuring circuit can be checked by an oscilloscope, or the signal output of the signal output of the flanging machine is used to observe whether the signal output is missing or not.
In troubleshooting, system alarm, flange machine position loop hardware failures, use flange machine oscilloscope check found that interfering signal, the way we use by capacitance in circuit to filter out the flange system working properly.
If the flanging system cannot be returned to the reference point, the common plate flange machine oscilloscope can be used to check for the zero mark pulse. If there is no consideration, the system is damaged.
The flange forming machine is easy to install and easy to install, especially suitable for the small area of air duct production.
The flange forming machine system can be used in large-scale industrial production, which is a high efficiency duct flanged system.
The common plate flange has good rigidity and stability, and the shape of motion forming is beautiful and smooth.
With embossing machine, shearing machine, flange forming machine combination can form simple type automatic production line for air duct, such as machine structure is rigorous, the performance good, saved the cost for the customer reduces costs, is the best choice for small production enterprise.

Flange Forming Machine

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