The Formation of a Complete Duct Production Line and Its Quality Judgment

Ⅰ. How to form a complete duct production line?

The duct production line is that the entire process of duct forming is completed by one machine independently. To put it simply, the whole process from coil blanking to duct forming is continuously and independently completed by the machine processing equipment. The intermediate process does not require anyone's participation and operation. Let's take a look at the specific functions that need to be implemented:

1. Coil material selection and cutting function. You can choose 2-6 kinds of coils of different thicknesses or materials.

2. The function of pressing and leveling. This function is to adjust the process of coil material before processing to prevent waste.

3. Drilling, chamfering, and grooving functions. This function can complete the production of duct mounting holes and avoid the inconvenience caused by later drilling.

4. Cut off function. This function peels the sheet from the coil for further processing.

5. Transmission function. It is convenient for the coil material to be automatically processed for the next process.

6. The bite. This function realizes the blanking operation of the sheet and makes the joint angle.

7. Common plate flange forming. This function is a key step in making double-sided common plate flanges.

Ⅱ. How to judge the quality of the automatic duct production line

Before purchasing a fully automatic duct production line, various factors need to be paid attention to, the key factor is the quality of the fully automatic duct production line. However, in addition to paying attention to quality, it is also necessary to examine the completeness and reliability of the qualification of the manufacturer of the automatic duct production line. Only by examining these aspects can the quality of the manufacturer's products be guaranteed to a certain extent. So from what aspects should we judge the quality of the fully automatic duct production line?

1. Understand the operation of the quality system of the fully automatic duct production line manufacturer. The fully automatic duct production line is expensive, generally costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, so we must send a special person to conduct an on-site inspection before making a decision before purchasing. Manufacturers with large scale, complete equipment and safety regulations are our priority.

2. Understand whether the automatic duct production line manufacturer can pass ISO9001 and other relevant standard certification. Only products that have passed ISO certification can guarantee the quality and pass the requirements of the engineering project.

3. Investigate the process equipment level of automatic duct production line manufacturers. Only advanced equipment technology can produce high-quality ducts. Therefore, manufacturers with rich manufacturing experience and strong R&D technology are preferred.

4. Understand the product sales of automatic duct production line manufacturers. A good product has a good reputation, and more and more people will buy it. This is an indisputable fact from all walks of life.

The procurement of machinery is very deep. No matter what the industry regulations are, product quality is a red line that must not be touched. This is especially true for machines with high specifications and quality requirements such as fully automatic duct production lines. Basically, as long as we follow the above points, we can purchase a high-quality automatic duct production line.

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