The Function and Application of Elbow Making Machine

1. The function of elbow making machine

The elbow making machine mainly uses the hydraulic cylinder as the propulsion element, which has strong power, stepless speed change, simple operation, stable and reliable, and has the function of guiding and positioning, and the molding product has high precision.

The elbow making machine needs a supporting hydraulic station to use a large-capacity fuel tank, and the propulsion speed is adjusted by adjusting the flow of the control valve. The hydraulic system adopts integrated oil circuit and electromagnetic overflow technology, which greatly reduces the thermal energy consumption of the hydraulic system and optimizes the entire working environment.

At present, there are many manufacturers producing and selling elbow making machines in China's domestic market, but in the long-term sales process, the development status of each manufacturer is different. Businesses are doing very well with many manufacturers who offer many different sales services during the sales process. From a customer buying perspective, we will find that the role and assurance of these sales services is still great.

In fact, different manufacturers have different prices when selling elbow making machines, but people need to pay attention when buying them. If the manufacturer offers a lower price with a wider discount range, you need to know the quality of the equipment and the manufacturer's follow-up service. Because these have a lot to do with normal use later, we can use them more safely by knowing these aspects. Before buying equipment, customers need to know more about their needs in order to buy the right equipment.

2. Application advantages of elbow making machine

elbow making machine series hot push elbows have larger tensile plastic deformation of the outer arc, and their normal temperature and high temperature yield strength and tensile strength increase, while plasticity, recovery and toughness are significantly reduced. Therefore, a more reasonable production process should be formulated, and elbows should be strictly controlled. The diameter ratio of the elbow reduces the tensile plastic deformation of the outer arc of the elbow to obtain comprehensive mechanical properties.

According to the theory that the wall thickness of hot push elbow does not decrease, combined with the process characteristics and difficulties of small and medium-sized stainless steel seamless elbows, through the design of appropriate hollow core mold inner hole cooling, the inner wall of the core mold is kept in the low temperature area, which solves the problem of medium frequency induction heating. The problem of thermal strength of the core mold during the process.

Welded elbows are widely used in pipelines in modern industries such as petroleum, chemical, textile, electrical engineering, etc. Its forming methods mainly include extrusion, derivative stamping, push, and thermoforming. Among them, extrusion, derivative stamping, and pushing to form at room temperature are the common methods in pipe fittings factories at present. But they all have their own characteristics.

The drive spindle device of the elbow making machine is directly inserted into the upper part of the machine head, which is accurate in placement and convenient for maintenance. The hydraulic system actively saves the buffer, greatly improves the bending accuracy, fast reset, saves the buffer during the return process, and greatly improves the reset accuracy and work efficiency.

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