The Material Adoption of Spiral Duct Machine and Its Cost Saving Methods

Ⅰ. Spiral duct machine adopts smooth duct material

In the installation process, due to changes in materials, installation and connection methods, the actual resistance and design resistance will be different, so in the selection of fan and motor we should consider a certain safety factor. Avoid conflicts between ducts and pipelines or other building facilities. When unavoidable, smooth transition can be adopted. The length-diameter ratio of the transition section should be greater than 3. If the wind speed in the ducts is high, the section of the ducts is small, which saves duct materials and occupies less building space. However, if the wind speed is high, there will be four effects: the system resistance is large, and the fan pressure is large accordingly; the power consumption is large and the noise increases. The opposite occurs if lower wind speeds are used. Therefore, there must be an economic wind speed value in the wind speed value.

At present, spiral duct machines are widely used in ventilation engineering. Its appearance is of high quality. The inner wall of the duct is lubricated and the outer wall is smooth. Because of the uniform distribution of the spiral reinforcement formed by the occlusal of the outer wall, the effect as a common reinforcement is stronger than the popular occlusal duct.

Thanks to mechanical processing, it can reduce labor costs and operating errors ensuring tight duct. Besides, the air leakage is far less than the current standard and specified value. Because the strength of the spiral duct unit is larger than that of the ordinary duct, the thickness of the coil used for the same specification duct can be reduced by one type, and the section length of the duct is larger than that of the conventional duct. The number of pipeline segments of the same length is significantly reduced. In addition, the use of flangeless connections can reduce a lot of raw data.

Ⅱ. Spiral duct machine cost saving methods

Proper installation and use of spiral fans can save energy and reduce installation costs. In order to save human and material resources, the construction party of the spiral duct calculates the spiral duct of various specifications, and pays attention to the length of other pipe fittings such as tees, air valves, elbows, etc., when calculating the length of the duct.

There are many ways to install spiral ducts. When ordering, we need to decide which method to connect and then decide to actually buy them. The specific connection method has flange connection method and socket connection method. When flange connection is used for installation, the pipe size of spiral duct and accessories should be the same.

For socket tests, the specifications of accessories are smaller than those of spiral duct machines. Therefore, we can calculate the exact length of each specification of duct and each spiral duct without cutting the length during installation and construction. The basic requirement is to have sufficient temporary spiral duct joints. The duct fittings, components and all welded joints of the purity system need to be very tight. The inner surface of a pure spiral duct should be smooth. Splicing joints and reinforcing devices are strictly prohibited in the pipeline.

The distance between pipe flanges, flange bolts and rivet holes on the production line of spiral duct enterprises shall not be greater than millimeters as stipulated in this standard. The unfixed screw holes welded by spiral duct company have obvious compatibility. There are no obvious defects on the surface of stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and composite steel pipe, and no damage on the surface of composite steel pipe. The spiral duct machine needs to be strict and uniform in width, and there shall be no half-bite hole, expansion crack and other defects. The appearance of the spiral duct with the staggered angle of the vertical seam is relatively smooth.

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