The Problems and Lubrication of Spiral Duct Machine Should Be Paid Attention to

Ⅰ. What if the mechanical warpage and elbow angle of spiral duct are not allowed?

There are many advantages of the duct production line. Compared with the traditional duct production line, it is fast, stable and good. But it also has its own disadvantages and some problems, so we need to find the reason to solve it in time.

1. Performance: it can have following four effects. rectangular duct two relative plane and two end faces are not parallel. The folding angle is not straight and the diagonals are not equal. In addition, the bite is not strict.

2. Impact: it will make the duct connection force uneven. And after installatin, the duct is not straight, and the flange gasket is not tight. Besides, the system leaks resulting in the loss of air conditioning load, and even shorten the service life.

3. Reason: the cutting and lofting of the spiral duct plate are not accurate, and the parallel duct's length and width of the sheet material on the opposite side are not equal.

4. Measures: when starting blanking, be strict in angle square sheet, the length, width of each sheet and diagonal inspection, so that their deviation can be controlled within the allowable range. After blanking, the two sheets on the opposite side of the duct should be superimposed to check the accuracy of size.

Ⅱ. Spiral duct machine preparation should be done well to avoid problems

The first thing to do is to test the instrument of the spiral duct machine which represents a manifestation of the working data. Therefore, whether it is kept in normal condition is important for the whole production. If need to adjust the data, we need to do it before starting work, so that we can produce products without problems.

The preparation work of the spiral duct machine also includes whether it is running normally and whether there are some strange sounds when it is running. When we have done these tests, the spiral duct machine can start to work normally.

Ⅲ. Lubrication of spiral duct machine-one measure to reduce stagnation and obstruction

For spiral duct machine, its later maintenance work is crucial. According to statistics, more than 50% of its failure is caused by poor lubrication. Good lubrication can maintain the normal work of spiral duct machine and working temperature. It can not only prevent dust and other impurities into the interior, but also reduce the wear and tear of the spiral duct machine parts wind speed. In addition, it can reduce the fault. Therefore, correct and reasonable lubrication is one of the measures to reduce the failure of spiral duct.

For this reason, the operator of the spiral duct machine should use lubricant. According to the different structure, different lubricant categories of it should be selected. And according to the different environment and season, the lubricant brand should be selected.

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