The Role of Complete Duct Production Line Equipment

Ⅰ. The functions of the complete duct production line 

1. Coil material selection and cutting function.

2. The function of pressing and flattening.

3. Drilling, chamfering and grooving functions.

4. Cut off function.

5. Transmission function.

6. Bite.

7. Common plate flange forming.

8. Bending and forming.

Ⅱ. Different duct production line equipment plays an irreplaceable role in each link

1. Bite machine: Using the design of the force ball bearing, the blanking operation of the sheet material, the production of joint angles, and the processing of various shapes of bone shapes can reduce the wear of the machine, and are especially suitable for use in construction sites and processing plants without special maintenance.

2. Edge removal machine: The most common is the manual edge folding machine, which has a wide variety of specifications.

3. Bead press machine: Leveling bead press machine is a common type of bead press machine. It is a dual-purpose model of leveling and bead pressing, which can be operated in combination or used alone. The width of the rib can be adjusted freely, and a rib can also be pressed alone, or multiple ribs can be pressed at the same time, which is very convenient. The function is to adjust the process of coil before processing to prevent waste.

4. Angle iron rounding machine: The common 40, 50 type angle iron rounding machine can be used to bend angle iron, angle steel, flat steel and other profiles. It is easy to operate and has high work efficiency.

5. Shearing machine: It is used to cut steel plate materials of various thicknesses, and a reasonable blade gap is used to apply shearing force to metal plates of various thicknesses, so that the plates can be broken and separated according to the required size.

6. Common plate flange making machine: The rigidity and stability of the machine, the beautiful and flat shape of the movement molding and other advantages make the common plate flange system for large-scale industrial production.

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