The State Changes and Tightness Test Methods for Spiral Duct Machine

Ⅰ. The state changes of spiral duct machine

The role of the energy of the surrounding medium includes the role of operators, repairmen and environmental conditions. Internal factors related to the operation of spiral duct machine and the work of each mechanism are load, vibration, temperature, etc.

Concentrated in the manufacturing and assembly in the spiral duct machine parts inside the latent energy of the wind, the energy mainly exists in the form of mechanical energy, heat energy, chemical energy. As energy reaches a certain value, the first will make the parts damage, embodied in wear, deformation, cracks and fatigue, corrosion, etc. The occurrence of damage can also make the structural parameters of spiral duct machine parts change.

Ⅱ. Tightness test methods of spiral duct machine

If light leakage is observed on the appearance of the spiral duct machine, it indicates that there is air leakage and it is necessary to repair the duct leakage. Air leakage, such as in the duct bite joints, rivet holes, flanging corners can be coated with sealant or take other sealing measures. If the flange joint leaks, tighten the nut or replace the flange gasket according to the actual situation.

The duct of the medium pressure system should be sampled after passing the light leakage detection. While the duct of the high pressure system should be all tested for air leakage. The measured value of air leakage should meet the requirements of design and specification.

Ⅲ. Several ways to connect the spiral duct machine

Mainly used for connecting steel plate circular duct and spiral duct: first roll out the drum bar at both ends of the pipe section, making one end shrink into a small mouth. When installing, insert the small mouth into the big mouth according to the direction of airflow and connect the two ends of the drum hoop tightly with steel hoop outside. Finally, fix and tighten the hoop in the middle of the earring with bolts.

Mainly used for connecting ducts with components (such as radiators, side air supply ports of plenum, etc.): when installing, both ends of the hose are covered outside the connected pipe, and then the hose is tightened with a special soft card. Filter element automatically clean without stopping the host and other operations. When the saturation resistance of the filter cylinder surface reaches a certain allowable value, the automatic cleaning function is opened, and each filter cylinder is cleaned in turn during the working process of the host machine. During the working time, the dust collector is always in good working condition.

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