The Technical Difficulties and Quality Distinguishing of the Five-line Duct Production Line

The work of various duct production lines is still proceeding in an orderly manner. What are the technical difficulties in the five-line production of the duct production line? How to distinguish the quality of the five lines of the duct production line? Let's take a brief look at its process characteristics and technical difficulties, and we hope to give you some suggestions and help.

Ⅰ. What are the technical difficulties in the five-line duct production line?

1. Process characteristics

The entire flange manufacturing process is highly mechanized, utilizing blanking, punching die, and assembly tooling. The punching die can punch side square and round angle steel flanges; flanges of the exact specification are highly interchangeable and easy to install on-site; employees' labour intensity is reduced. Production efficiency is improved, energy and environmental protection are saved, and finished product quality is ensured. It is appropriate for factory production.

2. Technique difficulities

The punched holes are oblate, the pitch error of any two holes is controlled within ±0.20mm, the lateral error is controlled within ±0.20mm, and the longitudinal hole pitch error is controlled within ±1mm.

Ⅱ. How to identify the quality of the five lines duct production line?

First, understand the situation of the five-line manufacturers of the duct production line. The prices of fully automatic production lines are relatively high, with hundreds of thousands of Yuan on average. Therefore, we must send someone to the manufacturer for an on-site inspection before we can decide. Manufacturers with complete equipment, large scale and standardized production are preferred.

Secondly, inspect the process and equipment flow of the five-line manufacturers of the duct production line. Only advanced equipment and technology can produce high-quality and high-precision air ducts. Therefore, manufacturers with robust R&D technology and deep manufacturing experience are preferred. Furthermore, know the authoritative recognition of the five-line manufacturers of the duct production line and whether they have passed the certification of relevant traditional organizations such as ISO9001. Only when the quality is guaranteed can you ensure the quality of your products.

Finally, understand the sales of the five-tier manufacturers of the duct production line. A good product reputation means it is reliable. Only the opinion of those who have bought and used it can be used as one of the basis for judgment.

Pay attention to the above points. You can purchase five lines of good quality duct production line. The water is deep in the industry, but ensuring quality is the bottom line, especially for machinery that requires high quality and specifications.

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