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What are the Basic Commercial Duct Machinery Every HVAC Duct Shop Must Have?

Since the manufacture of rectangular duct is carried out around longitudinal and transverse sections, "must have" commercial duct machinery mostly belongs to one of these two categories. Next, let's introduce these necessary machines
1. Pittsburgh Machine: This machine curls to form concave pocket seams. Since Pittsburgh is a generally accepted lock in commercial HVAC duct system.
2. Manual Cleat Bender: "turning" the driver is something you do in the duct shop or factory  every day, sometimes all day, because splint and driver ducts are the most common transverse joints in commercial duct machinery.
3. Manual Cheek Bender: The machine will turn the right degree flange into a square elbow and the Pittsburgh male flange on the accessories.
4. Manual Edger: lockformer's simple edging machine is used for the radial elbow, just as the zygomatic bone is used for the square elbow. It forms a right angle flange on the curve.
5. Manual Roller:  After running female Pitts on each heel and throat that will become a radius elbow, the next step is to form a radius on such a roller, and then add two sides (cheeks).
6. Stomp Shear: Every commercial duct machinery shop must cut galvanized sheet, which is more effective than the alternative of manual cutting.
7. Bench Mount Hand Brake
8. Floor Mount Duct Brake

What is Important in Commercial Duct Machinery?

The selection of commercial duct machinery shall meet the required production speed to meet the estimated demand, the configuration of various materials and instruments for operation, and the diameter range required by the customer's project. It is important to ensure that the equipment meets the safety requirements and is reliably used for industrial purposes. If the commercial duct machinery interface is well designed and has user-friendly functions that allow operators with any skill level to run, it is good. These functions must improve production efficiency. Choose a highly reliable machine that combines stability and production speed.

Duct Compact Line I, as the first generation of Comifo automatic commercial duct machinery, consists of Uncoiler (a special design, which is easy to load coils on the construction site), straightening, crimping, punching, slotting, shearing, patented automotion Pittsburgh lock forming (primary shearing, Pittsburgh lock, right angle lock), coil conveyor, double TDF flange forming, double-sided right angle lock forming (for angle iron) and TDF folding. It can handle different "L" and "L" duct openings. Combined with Comifo vertical vertical duct seaming machine and corner inserter, it improves production efficiency and saves labor cost.

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