What Are the Connection Methods of Spiral Duct Machines?

The common hoop type connection is to tie the port of the pipe into a bulge, and the opening at one end should be smaller. When connecting, insert the smaller port into the larger port according to the direction of airflow, secure it with a special steel hoops, and then bolt to tighten it.

Other types connect the ends of each tube into a reel, with one end narrowed to a small mouth. The small port is the direction of the airflow inserted during installation. Use a wire rope leash to connect the two drums and secure the steel pipe. Fasten the bolts and put on the earrings.

1. Spiral duct machine is mainly used to connect steel circular ventilation ducts and spiral ducts

First, roll both ends of each tube segment off the rib and reduce one end to a small opening. When installing, insert the small hole into the large hole according to the airflow direction, and use the steel hoop to connect the two ends of the drum hoop tightly, and use the bolt to penetrate the middle of the earring and tighten.

2. The spiral duct machine is mainly used to connect air ducts and components

When installing, put both ends of the hose on the outside of the connecting pipe, and then use the special soft clamp to tighten the hose. Filter elements are automatically cleaned without stopping the main unit and other operations. When the saturation resistance on the surface of the filter cartridge reaches a certain allowable value, the automatic cleaning function will be activated, and each filter cartridge will be cleaned in turn during the operation of the host to ensure that the dust collector is always in good working condition.

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