What Are The Machines Required For Hvac Duct Manufacturing?

Hvac has a wide variety of work and needs many different tools and equipment. For example, when creating a duct for a building, special tools are needed to handle the plate, and even more precise equipment is needed to make the duct.
Processing board is a dangerous and complicated work.Having the right equipment can improve the production efficiency and reduce labor cost.The following are some of the equipment for the duct processing of hvac.
Lock Forming Machine - Pressing the metal plate into a special shape so that the parts can be locked together to form a solid component that will not be easily separated.
Flange Forming Machine - A flange that allows the parts of the pipe to be quickly connected and disassembled.Flange forming machine presses metal plates into flanges.
Folding Machine - Used to bend metal plates into desired shapes.
Hydraulic Shears - Use hydraulic pressure plates to cut metal plates.
Hydraulic Rack - Used to store and transport metal plates or coils.
Hydraulic Rivets - This is a prominent part of the rivet used to remove the damage.
Bending Machine - It can be used for conveying pipes, metal rods, metal plates, etc., and bending continuously at certain angles.
Duct Seam Closing Machine - Just put the finished duct into the vertical sewing machine, and the final step of the duct can be completed.
Hydraulic Elbow Machine - For the round duct seaming to make the elbow use.
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine - Used to cut a specific shape from a metal plate.
Spiral Tube Forming Machine - Used to make metal spiral tube, the replacement of different size molding different size pipe, make more accurate duct size uniform, pipe size stability, sealing property and forming effect is good, the molding process is more stable and quick.
Full Automatic Air Duct Production Line - A series of air duct production lines composed of multiple systems can automatically produce air duct.It can adjust the production speed according to the requirements processing size, shape and specification.
Not all devices are required, but many of them make it less difficult and time-consuming to make wind pipes.If there is enough space to place these devices and can afford them, then the purchase can be considered, which will greatly increase the efficiency of production and bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise.
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