What Benefits Does the Duct Production Line Bring to Our Life?

As we all know, the production and processing of air ducts need to be realized by air duct processing equipment. Today, the air duct production line has been widely used, which is an integrated and systematic production air duct equipment, mainly including: common plate flange machine, shearing machine, folding machine, etc.

The air duct production line adopts advanced numerical control technology and optical fiber information transmission technology, which can produce different types of air ducts. In addition to common air-conditioning air ducts and galvanized air ducts, it can also produce special-shaped air duct components such as elbows, tees, and S-shaped elbows. The air duct production line has a high degree of automation, which greatly improves the Efficiency and precision of duct production, and reduced production cost and time.

What benefits does the air duct production line bring to users? Today, we give you a summary. Let's have a look!

1. The air duct production line improves safety issues and makes life safer. Through the establishment and improvement of internal control systems such as organizational structure construction, system construction and process design, a relatively strict risk control system has been formed.

With such a high-demand air duct standard, there will be no safety problems, greatly reducing safety hazards, and allowing us to enjoy the fun that air ducts bring to us.

2. The air duct production line saves a lot of engineering materials: the connecting bolts are installed according to the production budget in 2001, with section steel pipes fixed with section steel, about 40,000 kg, about 40,000 pieces, using the construction technology of the common plate flange air duct production line. . About 10,000 sets of bolts.

3. The composite air duct products of the air duct production line have good compatibility and high degree of standardization. The rectangular air duct automatic air duct production line has won many customers.

4. The ventilation loss of the air duct production line is small. The quality of a product is determined not only by its function, but also by its consumption factor.

5. The engineering inspection of the air duct production line is convenient, and it is very helpful to repair the problems that occur in the daily use of customers.

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