What Does the Spiral Air Duct Manufacturer Tell You About the Structure of the Air Duct?

1. How is the air duct produced by the spiral air duct machine manufacturer made?

The spiral air duct produced by the spiral air duct machine is a thin tube made of a metal strip to make a spiral seam, which is round without welding. iron tube).

It is a kind of ventilation pipe, with full function. The circular pipe does not need manual beating, and the installation procedure of the spiral air pipe obviously reduces the connection point between the pipe and the pipe, so that the leakage of the connection part of the spiral air pipe is reduced to a minimum. The length of the spiral air duct is 3~6m, while the length of the general square air duct is only 1~1.5m; and only one fitting is required to connect two spiral air ducts, while the connection of the rectangular air duct in the past often requires a Completely independent double flange system.

Precise bite forming processing technology: The molds selected for large-scale equipment are all special steel structures. Even after safe use for five years, the surface of the pressing mold remains unchanged, so that the surface of the galvanized iron sheet is not damaged, which greatly prolongs the time. The service life of the ventilation pipe, in addition, the board seams are smooth, the bite is dense, the connection force is strong, and the sealing performance is good.

The exquisite spiral pressing corrugated rib processing technology makes the spiral air duct have the best strength to withstand the pressure. After adding the spiral corrugated ribs, the thickness of the caulking plate is 4 times that of the pipe body, and the rigidity of the pipe is extremely large, showing a strong Special, it can withstand greater pressure loads without damage, and the material thickness can be reduced by 15%, saving costs.

2. The stability and structure of the spiral duct machine

The automatic spiral air duct machine is generally divided into three categories according to the material in the market: galvanized spiral air duct, stainless steel spiral air duct and composite spiral air duct. Among them, the stainless steel air duct has good quality and strong applicability, but the price is high.

At present, the most widely circulated spiral air duct on the market is galvanized sheet. Galvanized sheet spiral air duct is basically the characteristics of stainless steel spiral air duct.

In order to make the automatic spiral duct machine equipment achieve the goal of energy saving and environmental protection, all enterprises carry out related activities around the theme of energy saving and environmental protection. Great investment to promote the upgrading of equipment.

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