What Equipment Combinations Are Needed In Duct Production

Square duct machine manufacturers in the daily production process, often need the combination of square duct machine in order to complete the actual production duct, then in the daily production process, we need a combination of square duct machine? First of all, we have a Qualified duct production line. The minimum requirements for the duct production line include:
1,Feeding rack: electric feeding rack a (tray two)
2,Leveling pressing machine: a set of pressure leveling device
3,Red sharp mouth and red side machine: Hydraulic shearing machine four sets (including mold)
4,Hydraulic shears: a hydraulic shears
This line enables unwinding of products from coil, leveling of tendons, shearing angles (including CS plug flanges, TDF self-forming flanges and TDC plug-in flanges) Production accuracy and stability. The maximum working speed of 16 m / min, the length of the error is ± 0.5mm / m, the diagonal error of ± 0.8mm / m, in which the working capacity of the feeding rack can be customized according to customer needs.
Then, we also need to use the multi-function biting machine: suitable for ventilation, air conditioning, cleaning and other devices duct production, according to requirements, can be made into a variety of square, rectangular sheet duct, sheet metal processing, Duct production and other indispensable mechanized equipment.
Next, there is a need for a coplanar flange molding machine: the coplanar flange machine, which is a special equipment for forming the flange on the connecting port of the air duct plate, and is particularly suitable for the production of duct with small cross-sectional area.
Next, it is necessary to flange plate flange machine: Widely used for 2.5 meters long, 2.5 mm thick plate, non-ferrous metal plate, stainless steel bending, flanging work is household appliances, stainless steel kitchen utensils, lighting, Hardware furniture, heating and ventilation, air-conditioning and other boxes, pipe molding equipment.
Finally, a combination of multi-function corner code and hook punch, so, the combination of equipment needed in duct production is about the same, of course, more complex duct production, you also need to involve some other duct equipment portfolio, where Not introduced one by one.

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