What Equipment is Needed to Make Hvac Ducts

There are many kinds of work in HVAC duct machinery projects, requiring many different tools and equipment. For example, when creating air ducts for buildings, special tools are needed to handle sheet metal, and even more accurate equipment is needed to manufacture air ducts.

Processing plate is a dangerous and complicated job. Having appropriate equipment can improve the production efficiency of air ducts and reduce labor costs. The following is the equipment required for air duct processing in HVAC duct machinery projects:


Biting machine - press the metal plate into a special shape, so that the parts can be locked together to form a solid component, which could not be separated easily.


Flange forming machine - a flange can quickly connect and disassemble the parts of the pipeline. The flange forming machine presses the metal plate into a flange.


Flanging machine - it is used to bend metal plates to desired shapes.


Hydraulic plate shears - use hydraulic pressure to cut metal plates.


Hydraulic rack - it is used to store and transport metal plates or coils.


Hydraulic riveting pliers - it is used to remove the protruding part of damaged rivets.


Eccentric three-star roll rounding machine can be used for conveying pipes, metal bars, metal plates, etc., and has continuous bending at a specific angle.


Air duct seaming machine - just put the finished air duct into the vertical seaming machine to complete the last step of air duct seaming.


Round elbow seaming machine: it is used to make elbows for the round pipe seaming, and the same machine can be used for both seaming and seaming.


CNC plasma cutting machine - it is used to cut specific shapes from metal plates.


Spiral air duct machine-- it is used to make metal strips into spiral pipes, and replace different size molds to form circular pipes of different sizes, so that the size of air ducts is more accurate and unified. The size of the pipes is stable, the sealing performance and the forming effect are good, and the forming process is more stable and fast.


Fully automatic air duct production line is an integrated air duct production line composed of multiple systems, which can automatically manufacture air ducts. According to the needs of processing size, shape, specifications of different air ducts, you can adjust the production speed.


Not all equipment is necessary, but many of them make duct manufacturing less difficult and time-consuming. If there is enough space to place these equipment and you can afford it, you can consider purchasing it, which would greatly improve the production efficiency and bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise.

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