What is Made of Spiral Air Duct Machine?

Spiral duct machine is a machine used to produce spiral duct. It was originally used in the military industry in Western countries, and now the central air conditioners of civilian houses use spiral ducts. So, what is a spiral duct machine made of? Next, we will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Spiral pipe production of spiral duct machine

Spiral tubes are made from strip coils. It goes through a pipe-forming machine to bite the bone and rolls along an involute track into a round tube. At the same time mouth seam pressure, and finally according to the required cutting length.

Since its launch in the market, it has been widely used in shipbuilding, ventilation, air conditioning, air transport, tunnels and other construction industries due to its excellent performance and low cost.

2. Air duct advantages of spiral air duct machine

Spiral ducts can withstand maximum pressure. The thickness of the pipe wall is four times the thickness of the pipe body. The rigidity of the tube is relatively large, which has strong advantages. It can withstand maximum compressive loads and non-destructive deformation. The thickness of the wood can be reduced by 15%. This reduces production costs.

Therefore, the pipeline vibration caused by the low frequency noise is small, the airflow performance is good, the system pressure drop is small, and the daily operation energy consumption of the system is low. Currently, flat oval ducts can also be used to reduce the height of the space occupied by the ducts. Flat oval tube is a special equipment that can process round tube into flat oval by pulling force.

There are two types of spiral air duct machines, one is steel belt forming type, and the other is mold forming spiral air duct machine. The steel belt forming type spiral duct machine can process the spiral pipes of different sizes by adjusting the steel belt in the machine and replacing the steel belts of different sizes. The replacement and adjustment are convenient and do not require too much manpower and material resources. Cost effective.

The spiral air duct machine has the advantages of fast processing speed and stable performance, and the processed spiral air duct has good sealing performance. The mold type spiral air duct machine adopts a fixed forming mold, replaces the molds of different sizes, and forms the spiral pipes of different sizes, so that the size of the air duct is more accurate and uniform, the size of the pipe is stable, the sealing performance is good, the molding effect is good, and the molding process is more stable and fast. According to the different requirements of the cutting length of the air duct, a high-speed synchronous automatic rolling cutting and cutting device can be used.

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