What Measures Does the Anti-interference Ability of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Relate to?

The cutting power supply has strong electromagnetic interference, which requires the computer control system to have a high anti-interference ability. It can not only resist the high-frequency interference of plasma arc but also resist the interference of high current plasma arc and OTH. Field interference source. Through anti-interference design, the reliability of the CNC plasma cutting machine system is improved and the failure rate is reduced.

To suppress the additional interference of power supply, input, and output, the PLC CNC plasma cutting machine system should have good grounding performance. Usually, the grounding mode is related to the frequency of the signal. When the frequency is less than 1 MHz, one-point grounding can be used. When the frequency is more than 10MHz, the multi-point grounding mode is adopted. The grounding of 1-10MHz depends on the actual situation.

Familiar with CNC plasma cutting machine, easy to operate and maintain

When purchasing new equipment, we do not know whether the new equipment can meet its processing requirements. Also, the machine tool can accurately calculate the processing capacity of the machine tool; also, due to the length of service life, the operator has understood the characteristics of the machine tool, short training time, high efficiency, easy operation, and maintenance. Once the reconstructed machine is installed, full load operation can be achieved.

When an AC power supply is transmitted, there will be several millivolts of voltage within a very short power line interval. To prevent the interference of AC to low-level signals, the isolation shield should be added to the conductor of the DC signal. One grounding wire is not allowed to be shared between signal grounding and switch, and each connection position should be connected. The above measures have been applied to 14 electric valves of fluidized bed boilers and good results have been achieved.

Shielding and protective grounding can not be shared with power supply grounding and signal grounding. Grounding bronze plate can be used. To reduce the capacitive coupling between signals, a variety of shielding measures can be adopted. For the distributed capacitance problem of electric field shielding, we can solve this problem by shielding the earth. For pure magnetic fields, such as strong magnetic field, magnetic field coupling between transformer and motor, the high magnetic material can be used as shielding outer cover. This method is used to prevent and change PLC interference.

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