Working Condition and Maintenance Methods of Duct Production Line

The production line of a normal duct production line manufacturer should have all the functions of producing products. For example, the production line of a mobile phone manufacturer must include assembly line, testing line, packaging line and quality inspection line.

Different functional groups are needed to complete from the assembly of each part to the qualification of the product. So a complete duct production line should have the function of producing ducts.

The production process of the air duct: prepare the plate first, and then send it into the equipment adjusting the initial part of it; complete the production of the installation hole of the duct; besides, the material should be automatically cut off to avoid waste because of the limited material needed by an duct; go into the next process for processing again and able to complete the production of joint angle; finally, mold the bending of the air duct.

Ⅰ. Check the work of the duct production line often

1. The transport duct production line is the best choice of machine lifting. If you must use human handling, do not damage the machine by too much force.

2. Add proper lubricating oil to the transmission teeth of the duct production line regularly, which can greatly reduce the wear degree of the machine in operation.

3. Keep the appearance of the duct production line clean always. When it is not used for a long time, the appearance should be coated with anti-rust grease.

4. Check the work of the duct production line often. Find problems to timely correction preventing the occurrence of accidents.

5. The maintenance cycle of duct production line is always half a year. And the machine and equipment are dismantled for inspection and maintenance.

Ⅱ. Maintenance methods of duct production line

After the failure of the duct production line system, the maintenance personnel will gradually reduce the fault range from large to small until the fault is located at the board level or part of the line even the component level.

At this point, use the spare printed circuit boards, integrated circuit chips or components to replace the part of the suspect; or exchange the system with the same function of two printed circuit boards, integrated circuit chips or components, which can quickly find the fault.

Touch and shake components (such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc.) with your hands to check whether there is a sense of looseness in order to check some pin fracture, virtual welding and other problems. Use some simple tools such as a multimeter and a buzzer to check whether the cables between power supplies are disconnected. If not, access the corresponding power supply, and pay attention to smokeless, dust, noise, burnt smell, abnormal heat phenomenon in order to find some more obvious faults and further reduce the scope of inspection.

Before making the duct, the duct production line should carefully understand the structure and specifications of the duct on the drawings so as to cause waste when cutting the plate, which is also a key step to reduce the loss.

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