Working Principle Of Galvanized Spiral Duct Line

As people's awareness of environmental protection, the market demand for galvanized spiral duct is also growing, spiral duct machine is widely used, spiral duct production line is how to work, the duct machines manufacturers will give you the brief introduction of the working principle of the spiral duct machine:
1. Roll material - feeding - leveling pressure bar - "Bending - cutting, and reel machine and the corresponding angle iron or cuttings can be plug-type flange;
2. Cut the material can be used in conjunction with the plasma cutting machine;
3. Chong cut square mouth - shear cutting, with T-12, TDF Flap machine, reel bone machine and the corresponding angle code TDF (self-forming flange) duct;
4. Chong pointed mouth - dual linkage forming - bending, cutting - the two claws together into a single flat bite mouth, and plug-in flange can be matched to produce cutting-edge flange.
Spiral duct commonly used materials are: galvanized spiral duct, white metal spiral duct, stainless steel spiral duct these three. Galvanized spiral duct strength, 1.0mm material can be changed to 0.6mm can reduce the cost. As the name implies, zinc plating is mainly coated with a layer of zinc on the iron sheet to protect the iron sheet from chemical reactions such as corrosion, rust and deformation in the natural environment. White metal ventilation duct is widely used in the earliest times In a variety of suction exhaust, dust, exhaust pipe, with the advent of galvanized spiral duct, white metal ventilation duct has gradually been eliminated, and stainless steel Material spiral duct cost is higher, galvanized spiral duct has become a common product in a variety of pipe systems.
Galvanized spiral duct is mainly used in the following areas:
(1) exhaust gas treatment. Galvanized spiral duct wind flow and pressure is small, the exhaust gas produced in the factory workshop to be discharged outdoors, the air duct with a spiral duct is the most suitable;
(2) Central air-conditioning pipes. Send cold air. Galvanized spiral duct insulation material can be posted inside, looks beautiful;
(3) restaurants, restaurants, guesthouses kitchen. Galvanized spiral duct wall smooth, the galvanized material can be protected pipe is not fumes corrosion;
(4) dust-free production workshop. The workshop environment requires relatively high factory need to install a special dust removal device, which wind flow larger pipe, spiral duct can be used.
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